Blown Away by Poetry

Help! Help! Wendy Windstorm had terrible sneezes. 

The poems of Poetsville were swept away by her breezes! 

Wendy’s dearest friendship was upset by the terrible commotion. 

Can she right this wrong by traveling to desert, jungle, and ocean? 

Join her as she spins, searches and soars 

With puppets, poems, music and more!* 

*Warning, spontaneous rhyming may occur.

Why Poetry

Young people can come to believe that poetry is not something they like, it’s for other people, and it’s certainly not meant to be embraced. Through the power of theater we have found a way to use story, music and puppetry to change that mindset and turn even the biggest skeptics into budding poets. After the show, our audiences cannot wait to write their own poems and add them to the Poetsville shelves and we know your communities and schools will feel the same.

For Presenters

History and Inspiration



Original version of Blown Away by Poetry created for the Urban Stages library tour 2011-2015